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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Japan getting cute Pikachu themed Super Smash Bros controller

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Is Pikachu cute?

So cute i am dying. 11 50.00%
Too cute. 2 9.09%
No. 2 9.09%
I wish there was a Pokemo... 3 13.64%
I am sorry if a thread on this article was already made.

Japanese accessory maker Hori has revealed a Pikachu-themed GameCube Super Smash Bros controller for the Wii U. The controller offers the same layout and features as Hori’s Mario and Luigi-themed controllers, but unlike the Mario and Luigi controllers, the Pikachu one is limited to Japan only.

The GameCube-inspired controller plugs into the Wii U Remote instead of the GameCube adapter, unlike regular GameCube controllers. And unlike regular GameCube controllers, which can only be used with Super Smash Bros, Hori’s controllers can be used in any Wii U game that supports the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro (but won’t work as a replacement for the Pro Controller).

The Pikachu-themed controller also comes with a yellow sleeve for the Wiimote. The controller retails for around 3,500 Yen, which translates to around $30.

Hori offers the Mario and Luigi controllers in North America and Europe — they retail for around $25 and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. You can see how those look below.

Which one of the three controllers do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

So kawaii!!


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I want the Smash logo controller.

No senpai noticed me?

I would buy a Mega Man themed one

Looks pretty ugly in my opinion.