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Hi, I'm not from mexico... I'm actually from Canada, but I wanted to help clear something up for all you number fanatics. I've read on multiple threads that sales in Mexico is near 0 because they buy them in the states because it's cheaper. Now the reason why this statement bugs me is because it's the same in Canada. Consoles are cheaper in the U.S then in Canada. On top of the fact that taxes in most provinces are as high as 14%. But yet, Canada still manages to sell at a 8%-10% rate (quoted from these forums) to the U.S. sales. Mexico has a population 107,449,525,000. If you only select the top 15% of the population(the rich who can afford consoles) it leaves you with a potential market of 15 million people. That's half of the Canadian population (including the poor)!!! I think a closer estimate should be to calculate Mexico at 4-5% of U.S. Sales NA Sales = US Sales + Canada Sales (8%-10% of US) + Mexico Sales (4%-5% of US)

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Canada sales are actually normally 6-7% of US sales, include Mexico and any other discrepancies gets you back to 10-11% maximum. The problem with this whole debate is that you guys keep trying to use it to prove X360 numbers should be higher - if that is the case then so should all other numbers since the same system and calculations are used for each. Unless of course you want to claim that Canada / Mexico / Asia etc count for relatively more sales for 360 than PS2 / GBA / GC / XB etc - all of which you can get from US to NA figures by multiplying by around 1.1 as a general rule of thumb.

they don´t buy games from US because it´s cheaper, they do that because they don´t have an official distributor so they have to IMPORT from the US. i know this because i´m from Argentina and we are in a situation like Mexico, no distributor and we have to import and that make the prices very high. For example the wii is 550 us dollars(1750 argentine pesos) in Argentina and the Ps3 is 2000 us dollars(6000 argentine pesos). The games cost around 50 to 100 dollars. The prices are high thanks to NINTENDO , SONY AND MICROSOFT that doesn´t have official distributors here. that why there is so many piracy in latin america.



BTW that´s why i think that the companies should see latin america as a profitable market. at least it has 200 million of people that can afford consoles. but it seems that those companies don´t care.......................



You know what ? It's even worse for China. Fact is, they all fear piracy. Chicken and egg problem.

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As for Sony and Nintendo, they don’t care at all about Mexico, even if you buy your console in an official store it’s imported from the US. Although we do have an official distributor for Microsoft which means that most of the Mexicans don’t have to import their X360 from USA, because in Mexico city you can buy the premium pack for 395 USD... while you need around 410~480 USD for a Wii and 750 USD ~ 1200 USD for the PS3. I doubt that only 15m of our population can afford it, I’m not even middle-class and I bought my 360 and wii without thinking it twice... imo there is at least 30 to 40m people in Mexico that can afford consoles... the problem here is that its only the gaming population who get them, because we don’t have any PS3 or Wii publicity and obviously casual gamers don’t even notice those console exists. In others words Microsoft is the only one that could have counted the consoles sold in Mexico, but is probably around 150k -200k , not much...

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gebx said:Mexico has a population 107,449,525,000.
I think your number is a little high

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ookaze said: You know what ? It's even worse for China. Fact is, they all fear piracy. Chicken and egg problem.
Where do you live in China? The most big cities have some places where you can buy games.

But how many of those are legitimate? How many of them are not imports? Really, for narj at least, if piracy is rampant in your area you're asking a lot for businesses to try moving in with legit products that will still be more expensive than the bootlegs. Once some people get used to paying a really low price for something even a reasonable price doesn't fly with them. And for what it'd cost to set up in South America, they'd probably be walking into a losing venture due to the number of people buying bootlegs.

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