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Forums - Sales Discussion - Gamespot's opinion on pricedrop impact to Holiday Sales this year

It seems that Xone is outselling PS4 in the last two days at amazon.The question this momentary boost thanks to the price cut announcement or will be like this during the holiday?

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todd2r said:

"The $50 price drop is big, but paired with the $100 discount from Microsoft stores, it puts the Xbox One into the coveted "impulse purchase range" that the original Wii used to have."  I disagree. It puts it in the range of affordability for millions of Xbox 360 owners that have yet to upgrade. This price drop has opened the floodgates for all gamers and we as gamers, are truly thankful. With the best holiday lineup and the best online service going today, the Xbox One is the only logical choice this holiday season. The season of Xbox is upon us. Thank you Microsoft and thank you Phil Spencer. Your vision for Xbox has every gamer excited for the future. Again, thank you Microsoft. We are humbled.


This guy gets it!

Captain_Tom said:
Ka-pi96 said:
d21lewis said:
I agree with Captain_Tom. Think of it like this: Let's say you walk into Gamestop and you're looking for a new Mario game. It costs $59.99. It won't matter to you in the slightest if Call of Duty is suddenly $5 unless you're already interested in CoD. The only people who'll be swayed by the sale are people on the fence or people that wanted to buy an Xbox One, anyway.

The reason the Xbox 360 sold what it sold wasn't because of price (even though that did play a part in it). It sold because people educated themselves about what it had to offer and it became something that they wanted to own. What Microsoft has to do (and they've been doing this in my opinion) is make the Xbox One a device that people want to own. Offer a comparable experience to the PS4. Offer better games or at least offer games that can't be missed. THEN, people will buy it.

If the only factor was price, the Gamecube or the Wii U would have set the world on fire. iPhones sell for a crazy price because people like the brand. M$ has to restore people's faith in the Xbox brand.

I'd expect there is a lot of those people though. Particularly the ones that want an Xbox One anyway and are just waiting for more games or for it to be cheaper.

I guess I just have to disagree that there are a lot of people on the fence.  No offense to the fanboys, but whether some people like it or not the PS4 has demonstrated to consumers that it is the superior console in practically every way.  Anyone who still wants an X1 is only getting one because either a) It was there only option anyways (Fanboy), or b) it has a game they believe they must have now; and in either case $50 isn't gonna change much.

d21lewis is right in saying that the PS4 has become the "it" console that people have set their eyes on.  Xbox needs a new killer feature and a $300 price to even have a chance of clawing back some marketshare.

The Funny thing about what you said is that I am just the opposite.  The only reason I have yet to buy the PS4, is that it doesn't offer anything special.  The minor graphics increase is not a reason for me to buy it.  This is the first console launch for PS that i didn't get one within 10 days of launch.  

I bought an XB1 near launch because I wanted the features related to it.  I had planned to get the PS4 within a couple of months when they would have been easier to get.  But, after spending multiple hours playing one at a freids house and the same at my brothers, I have decided to wait for some games that matter to me if at all.

I think that forum dwellers here on the chartz and gaf etc.. actually believe that a majority of people study at great lengths over their consoe purchases.  The reality is that most people buy consoles because of price points and identifiable differences.  The only way that the PS4 is different is if you put a screeen capture next to another and count pixels.  That by itself is hard to do in a retail setting.  The influence of the PS4 being the "it" console is definitely impacting those buyers who are early adopters and thus their friend groups.  But, the PS4 hasn't yet reached a place where that amount of people in the major markets is overwhelming.

It is near the end of the end....

I think people are forgetting the number 1 demographic that is associated with holiday periods and that's parents buying consoles for their kids, most kids want a next gen console and during the holidays that $50 dollar price difference could easily sway their minds on what console to get.

I'm happy this is happening though, hopefully PS4 also drop their prices, competition is always the best for the consumer.

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This could influence parents buying a console for a childs Christmas present, money matters to some people.

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With 12 million PS4 owners, the vast majority of which are core gaming enthusiasts, I'd say potential buyers at this stage in the cycle, and at the discounted price point, would be non-gaming enthusiasts. Parents shopping for the holidays will make up the majority of the X1 holiday sales. The real question is, will kids be clamoring for PS4 pr X1. Even with X1 being such a steal with the discount and free game, it will be interesting to see what comes of this holiday season.

If nothing else it should be a good indicator of whats to come. If X1 doesn't win the holidays with this deal, they are in unspeakable trouble. If the are able to win the holidays then there may still be a hope for the X1. If I were pressured to guess, I would say that concerning this holiday season, the two consoles will sell approximately the same, with a slight edge in sales to X1. This still wouldn't be considered "good" in my opinion if I were running Microsoft. They need to be able to dominate the holidays, and discount or not, I don't see that happening.

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