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Seeing that the reviews here for Destiny are pretty mixed here (like every where else), I think this is a fair question to ask. How will this mix reception affect Destiny as game in the future? Will the majority of the game owners buy it's DLC in the future? Will it still sell lots during the holiday season?

What about Bungie? Do you think people will be more skeptical when they think about buying another game made by them?

How about Nintendo? Do you think they will benefit in anyway over the reviews being average or some ppl being disappointed about Destiny?

I dunno I got bored and listed some possibilites... :: chuckles ::

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Nope because many are enjoying it

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They made money, but the franchise is definitly compromised now.

It'll be interesting to see what type of legs this game has... I wonder if we'll see a big drop off in the weekly numbers or if it consistently sells well between now and the holidays.

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No. Overhype at worst means average sales. Backlash only happens when a game is inoperable and in high demand. Ppl are blowing this out of proportion. While some might say Destiny, is boring, how the hell is an argument against the game not being more fun. That's just silly.


edit: Nintendo thing doesn't even make sense.

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I say no. And, no, Nintendo remotely benefiting from this is wishful thinking.



Funny thing is I've been playing Destiny on my PS3. It's a good game, but everyone is right about one thing, the story is borderline bad. That being said, I so far give this game an 8/10, but it also feels incomplete.

This whole mess kinda reminds me of the reception FFXIV got, but Destiny is a better game overall.

If you want to rate a game base on just the story, and paying full price for an incomplete game, then I guess it deserves low scores. HOWEVER, Destiny has a LOT more positive things going for it than those 2 negative things.

so some people like it and some people don't,high first week sales and pushing plenty of PS4's,
is it because it won't do COD numbers,is this the problem,i'm getting confused as to the destiny problem

90 meta and or COD numbers needed

Speaking of Nintendo and Bungie...I think it'd be awesome if Nintendo's 9th gen console launched with a Bungie-developed exclusive. Considering Miyamoto's comments on casuals and the state of the industry its time they start considering a new image, a new direction (while at the same time, not forgetting their roots) Part of the reason why Nintendo lost so much ground in the Gamecube era was because they lost Rare - their go-to team for strong exclusive support outside their own studios (and their only serious FPS developer) If Bungie made a deep, engaging, M-rated experience, with Nintendo's direction for quality, mainstream interest in Nintendo will potentially get back to where it needs to be.