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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Destiny is upon us!!

With Destiny just one day away, where are you guys going to buy it from?

I got the Ghost Edition preordered at Gamestop. 

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Hey, who was that guy who said Destiny would flop?

Glacial White PS4 bundle, Amazon.



I got mine free from a market place glitch, I think. It's preloaded and says already purchased on the Xbox website, but it said the price I would be charged would be £0.00 in full, up front with no refunds.

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Already preloaded on my PS4, will be playing it in about 48 hours...

Got the digital Guardian Edition pre loaded on my Xbone.

GameStop midnight launch tomorrow night!

Two-day shipping on Amazon.

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Oh it's so close already, that PS4 bump is about to be real xD