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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Get an Xbox One & and get a game for free September 7th-13th

Desperation time, c'mon! Woooo-hoooo! Gamers rejoice! 2 GAMES FOR FREE!

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Awesome deal!

Desperate times call for desperate measures! Wise to do it during Destiny week, to reduce the massacre at hand, but I doubt free Destiny is enough to entice the people not to buy PS4, since free Titanfall didn't work either.

Only one more step towards permanent $299+game pricing.

This is a solid deal. I wanted the SunsetOD bundle but actually don't care for the white console, just the controller. Could be the week I pick up an XB1 and get the white controller later.

Also half tempted to get Destiny on xbox as well lol. Since I have friends on both sides.

It's a smart but costly way to essentially have a Destiny bundle indirectly

The One and Only

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Microsoft reimbursing the company that makes the "free" game? That is impressive amount of money to spend on marketing concept.

Good deal for anyone considering the Xbox One.

I can get all of those games with the PS4 I own already and just buy Drive Club for less than a $400 dollar console if I want a good racing game.Pass.