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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Lost Odyssey where you at?

I finished the game last week with a little over 50 hours. The only achievements I didn't get are the treasure chest one and the immortal's skill master ones (really didn't feel like going around trying to find the 8 seeds I missed...they could have been anywhere).

Overall I thought the game was excellent. The story kept me interested, the novel parts were well written and just long enough to keep my attention, and I even enjoyed the old school battle system. It would have been nice if there were a skill or accessory to stop random battles when you wanted to backtrack to old areas to find missed treasure and such, but that's one of the only complaints I have.

Hopefully a sequel will be made. They could just jump ahead another thousand years or something...:)

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ive played ths game at an friends ive played for about 2 hours the game is borning (my opinion) this game offer nothing but nice HD graphics thats it...

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Your statement isn't very relevant to the topic. Nice attempt at a console sideswipe. The real question is this was your friend who isn't deep into Mario enjoying the game. That said the first two hours of the game are rather slow it starts to shine after about six hours when all the mechanics begin to play out.


Try the auction house in Saman they auction off all the treasures you miss along the way. I am not positive all the treasures are there. Since the guides say might, but I suppose I will know soon enough once I finish the temple of enlightenment. Curious have you figured out how to trigger Numara Atoll.

Yeah, I got everything that the auction house had, I think the last thing I had to get was the treasure from the Pipot guy after giving him 99 seeds, and I just didn't feel like wandering around forever trying to find the few I

By trigger Numara Atoll do you mean just getting there at all or getting the Holy Beast to appear?

IM stuck in the temple of enlightenmen

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Sherlock -

I noticed on your profile you do not own any RPGs. Maybe that's the reason you don't "get" a traditional uber-JRPG?

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

English dead you are?


Getting the holy beast to appear. I have made it a point to revisit the spot a dozen times, but have no clue how to make the beast appear.

Just finished the first DVD. Really awesome game by the way. If you are even remotely interested in old scholl JRPGs, Lost Odyssey is the best way to go.

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Enter the White Boa and go to Ming's chambers (the one where Jansen and her had a scene earlier in the game). She should be waiting there and you'll get her harp. Then when you go all the way north at the Atoll she should use it automatically. Kill the beast fast with spells because after a while it'll use an attack that does 9999 damage to the entire party no matter what.