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Forums - NSFW Discussion - I'm about to lose my Virginity...

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K heres the story! hanged out with my Ex at the pool yesterday, she mentioned how she still liked me, and it would have worked out if she wasn't so busy.

then today I hanged out with her and her friend, and that was cool and all, she asks me for my phone number, I give it to her.

then just now she called me saying she's lonely, and wants me to come to her house, tries to make it obvious that she IS alone, and just to make sure I asked when her mom comes home and she said at 8, and its 4 right now... what else could this mean? its pretty obvious. then last thing she says is bring a condom then hangs up!

K, I typed this out as quick as I can. now wish me luck and im so fucking excited! cause she's like super fucking hot she's on the cheerleader team :D


Update: you know I always thought that sex was gonna be great... but honestly its... to quick. I was done in about 5 minutes, and then went on for about 2 more minutes then she was done. same position (reverse doggy style) the whole time, did it on her floor.

heres what she looked like, taking it down in 1 hour...


and its down lol

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Condoms.. Get them


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

I hope you come out of this a Happier Gamer. Good luck

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pics or she isn't super fucking hot.

Why is this on here? An early congratulations anyway!

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Well, ain't that wonderful to hear. Hope it goes/went well.

Actually now that I see the tagged game, I'm scared.

Remember, if her vagina looks scary, don't run away


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Make sure to shake hands with the president before you go so you'll last just a little bit longer

It has been 2 hours.. Shouldn't have taken more then 3 minutes.. Thats with putting a condem on..

Probaly crying.. Or even worse.. Cuddeling..


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

Aaah, I remember when I lost my virginity....

Oh wait, I didn't T_T