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32GB of storage is...

...more than I will ever need. 11 9.24%
...a lot. 4 3.36%
...okay, I guess. 28 23.53%
...hard to manage. 13 10.92%
...definitely insufficient. 33 27.73%
Great Britain? 29 24.37%

As someone who went 100% digital this gen, 32 GB is definitely not enough. Although for Wii U I have only 5 retail games (3D World, MK8, WW HD, DKC:TF and Pikmin 3), 1 indie game (Little Inferno) and 3 VC games and really, only DKC: TF takes a lot of space, the rest are very small; so in the end not that much space have been taken, in fact, if I didn't had an HDD I think I would still had like 1 GB left on my 32 GB Wii U (need to check that later).  

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I'm at 15 GB.

That's save data for 16 games (and any of their DLC) + WWHD + 3 eShop games + 33 VC games + All the system updates.

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_crazy_man_ said:
I'm at 15 GB.

That's save data for 16 games (and any of their DLC) + WWHD + 3 eShop games + 33 VC games.

Man, that's less than 1/4th of the games I actually owned for the Wii.

No wonder I don't have a Wii U.

It totally has nothing to do with there being nothing as good as Kororinpa, A Shadow's Tale, No More Heroes, Rune Factory, Rock 'N' Roll Climber, Star Soldier, ArtStyle Series or select nice GameCube things.

I'll still eventually JUMP IN for X and Z. If there's a "Y", someone tell Nintendo's marketing department about it. They need some clues.


Gnac said:

It's the time to decide what happens in those turn-based battles that takes up all the space.

Or perhaps just "WOW this game engine"

I voted Great Britain, because it's the closest to the 640Kb that we actually have.

I want red!

OP: I have 23GB left on my Wii U. The best thing to do is to get games physically.

Me: "20GB Xbox 360 HDD lasted for like two years and I bought a TON of indie games. This 32GB Wii U should last at least that long."

Nintendo: "Resident Evil Revelations is on sale this week on the eShop!"

Me: "Fuck".

And that's the story of how I decided to get a portable HDD.

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I hooked up a 2 TB to my WiiU when my 32 GB was full. No more worries for me :).

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Stefan.De.Machtige said:
I hooked up a 2 TB to my WiiU

That's too complicated and time consuming. I'm just a gamer, not an IT Professional.

I can't believe Nintendo still doesn't include a HDD.

You can never have too much storage!

Whatever storage I got with my Zelda bundle is already gone. Now to keep up with the indies I have to buy an external or something.

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I am starting to fill up mine... will have to start looking soon

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