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So recently I've been writing a bunch of different papers to help prepare myself for a THEA test and I wanted to know if it would be ok to post one of my papers here since it was an analysis of bioshock and bioshsock infinite?  I'm quite fond of the paper myself and I feel like sharing it to all of you Vgchartians.

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That depends on whether it's good or not. No one wants to waste time reading a mediocre video game analysis when there is thoughtful discussion about video game delays, character death battles and whatnot to be had.

Seriously though, I'm sure there's no rule preventing you from posting it while people have enjoyed discussing Bioshock here before, so I'd say go for it :)

What's the THEA test?


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Go right ahead, I can't promise that you'll get a lot of views, but it can't hurt to try!

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I'd make sure you won't get in trouble with your school for posting it, but otherwise it should be fine.

Well, this is new.


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Sure, I like Bioshock. Looking forward to you posting it.

cool I'll grab the copy I gave to my teacher tomorrow and post it.

I don't see why you had to make this thread. All you gotta do is ask yourself "Why not?".

Sure, why not?

MoHasanie said:
What's the THEA test?

"Texas Higher Education Assessment Test"  I'm guessing.