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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rumour: The Order Delayed Until February

sales2099 said:
Dadrik said:
Azerth said:
soony lol

so wat driveclub, indies, and a port confirmed for the rest of the year? wonder if they are going to announce games for this year at e3

Same goes for MS. Halo ports and Sunset Overdrive.

A Halo 2 remake holds more sway then TLOS, considering one game is just a year old (looks like a cash-in to me) and the other is 10 years old.  It would bridge 2 generations worth of graphics, and had MP that defined a generation.

Also don't forget the rumored Forza Horizon. Also Quantum break if it isn't also delayed into 2015. Project Spark too.

Project Spark is a nothing game for most gamers, Quantum break is delayed to 2015.

So MS have Sunset Overdrive, Halo port and Forza, beating Sony no doubt in terms of exclusives, but not what I would call exciting. Halo is exciting for Halo lovers, while TLOU is exciting for Naughty Dog lovers, neither will hold much more sway over the other... they are HD ports.

Sony so far have TLOU and DriveClub, so yeah it definately needs something else, but I suspect it will be one of a few things, such as a Crash game or more HD games.

Looks like it will be 3rd party this year for most people... but then again that's not looking too bad. Batman, AC Unity, Dragon Age, .... not sure of what else right now :)

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

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GI preview


still no half breeds...

Definitely delayed, Eurogamer has it mentioned also

Making an indie game : Dead of Day!

Delay confirmed

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The PS5 Exists. 

insane graphics. sadly the delay is confirmed. did they say Feb 2015 though?

ooooh, the boxart looks really good!

ew, box art is horrid.