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England out of all Euro fronts lol

Oh right. Let's predict the next round then, if Nikkom can still keep up anyway.

Poland-Portugal 0-2
Wales-Belgium 1-3
Germany-Italy 2–1
France-Iceland 1-0

The worst defeat in our history. England beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers. Well played Iceland.

With the round of 16 games done, it's time for the latest edition of the power rankings. Click here to see the previous one.

1. Germany (-) - The world champion looked like a world champion. Admittedly, the Slovakian team was tame, but that shouldn't take away from how convincingly Germany controlled the game. A goal difference of 6:0 through four games is also a strong statement.

2. Italy (up 3) - Eliminated the defending European champion on the back of a strong first half. Got a bit under pressure in the second half, but that gave Buffon a bunch of chances to show how good he still is. He has yet to concede a goal in this tournament.

3. France (down 1) - Got off to a bad start, but turned things around. Still, when a team like Ireland manages to expose issues in the defense, then it has to be considered a serious problem.

4. Belgium (up 2) - Finally played at the level they were hyped up to be. While that is good, it's not good enough to pass the test of consistency. This could have been a one-off against a clear underdog, so I don't want to read too much into it.

5. Portugal (up 2) - It wasn't entertaining to watch, but it was proof that Portugal can play a defensive strategy very well. It clearly came at the cost of the offense though. We'll see how this trade-off develops.

6. Poland (up 5) - The only team to advance by penalties. Poland's strikers wouldn't hit a barn door from five meters away, so this team continues to lag far behind the expectations that "people who know football" had.

7. Iceland (up 6) - Surprising win against England? Probably not. Iceland has repeatedly proven that they are tough to play against and their attack is simple, but effective. Regardless, they remain in the role of the underdog.

8. Wales (up 1) - An own goal of Northern Ireland got them this far. What's worth of note is that they had an up-down-up-down performance through their four games, so maybe we are in for a surprise in the quarter finals. Overall though, this underdog doesn't look as dangerous as Iceland.

Teams previously considered top 8, but eliminated:

Croatia (#3) - Realized too late that football games are won by scoring. (Portugal was considered #7.)
Spain (#4) - Played against the previous #5 (Italy), so it was inevitable that a top 8 team had to leave.
England (#8) - They just allowed it to happen to them. It was hard to sense the will that they wanted to stay in this tournament.

Quarter finals on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Poland's strikers wouldn't hit a barn door from five meters away

RolStoppable said:

6. Poland (up 5) - The only team to advance by penalties. Poland's strikers wouldn't hit a barn door from five meters away, so this team continues to lag far behind the expectations that "people who know football" had.

That's a bit unfair. Poland's strikers can hit a barn door. But only after 120 minutes and if it promises not to move.

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England fan here and I absolutely enjoyed watching that. Reason being, I'm also a Leicester fan and I have all the time in the world for teams that run their hearts out, are well disciplined ad also have a few players that are more than capable of producing a few moments of magic. Iceland were awesome and England are the worst I've ever seen them in 30 odd years of following them.

Can't wait for the Premier League to start again, I miss it.

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I'm from England but tbh I quite liked seeing the ambition from Iceland I think that commentator's near death celebration left an impression not too mention the war cry celebration after the match, well deserved.

RolStoppable said:
Where is gramps?!

I bet he knew it would be happening, but he doesn't want to deal with us kids.

Of course he can't!  After all his mouthing about wanting Italy to Smash Ireland and then calling us a crap team against France he's not going to be in the mood.  


A country about the size of Leicester city just beat him.  It doesn't get much worse than that.  

I was flying home when this match was on and the pilot told us the full time result.  an almighty cheer broke amongst the passagers (half of them not Irish).  

What a beautiful end to a beautiful euro trip. Respect to my viking brothers!