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will you be buying yoshi's new island?

YES!!! 11 18.64%
no :/ 29 49.15%
im not sure?/i dont know? 11 18.64%
i already have yoshi's new island 8 13.56%


i have been playing yoshi's new island for 3DS for about a month now and i have to say that i really do enjoy this game. 

before the game came out, i took a look at its metascore, and it was horrible. i was very disappointed because i believed that it must have got a metascore that it deserved. new super mario bros 2 got a pretty bad metascore, and i bought the game and i understood why it was so low. that game is so uninspiring. this game, however, scored even LOWER and that is an injustice. this game really should score comfortably in the 80s. personally, i would probably give it anywhere from an 85 to 90.  

if youre not sure if you want to pick up this game or not, i would strongly recommend it. when i first started playing it, i thought it was meh, but once i got to world 4, i started to like it a lot more, and then when i got to world six, i really did find myself appreciating this game on a whole new level. world six is amazing. the design of the levels are very pleasing to the eye (theyre reminiscent of world six in the original super nintendo version) and the music is so good. speaking of the music, this game uses 2 to 3 songs throughout the entire game, which really annoyed me at first, but again, once i got to world six i started appreciating what they did with the music. the 2 to 3 songs they have are great. they may not seem like much at first, but once you play through the game, you will find yourself humming the songs while youre doing whatever. 

i want to mention two more things about the game. the first is the egg tossing mechanism. there are three ways to do this, and two involve the crosshairs moving up and down the screen in a quarter circle which is the familiar way to handle it if you have played the snes version. the third option allows you to use the gyro feature of the 3DS and this is my preferred method. if you guys have picked up this game, i recommend you really give this new way a try. i feel like it makes the game more fun, and honestly you get more control over how you want to toss your eggs.  the second thing i wanted to talk about was the difficulty. this game does not disappoint in that department. the game is terribly difficult especially in world six. the difficulty raises exponentially from world five to world six. every world also has a secret level which is much harder than your average level.

i really cannot recommend this game enough. if youre looking for a really good sidescrolling platformer to play, look no further. yoshi's new island is incredible. ill reiterate that it took me over three worlds to start seeing what made this game great. some people may pick up on it sooner, and others may never see it. if youre a HUGE fan of the original like i was, i promise you will not be disappointed. 



ok, its not fair for me to leave out annoying parts of the game. there is only one thing that sticks out in my mind about this game that i absolutely HATE! ok, so there are a lot of levels where you are jumping on platforms and what is below you is either spikes, lava, or just an endless pit. and when you are fluttering around and jumping from platform to platform, sometimes stupid ass yoshi will decide to do a fucking ground pound and that pisses me off. i have died from that probably around 20 times and a couple of those times, it made me want to turn it off and stop playing the game. i do use the circle pad as opposed to the dpad, and i never have used the dpad, so i dont know if this problem is alleviated by using it. i used the dpad for probably about 30 seconds, and i just didnt like how it felt. i like the circle pad, but i swear, it ground pounds in the air for no reason sometimes.

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Nicee, I will get it on sale


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Ive been on the fence about it, but recently tried a demo of it in a game store,It was great. After Mario Kart 8 , i might consider it.

zippy said:
Ive been on the fence about it, but recently tried a demo of it in a game store,It was great. After Mario Kart 8 , i might consider it.

dont trust the demo, its better than that. i promise. 

Will get it when it goes on sale ;)


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BasilZero said:
Will get it when it goes on sale ;)

how would it ever go on sale? you know how stubborn nintendo is with the prices of their games. i usually buy nintendo games the week they release and i have never seen a sale on them before. is a sale for yoshis new island feasible at all?

I will if I get a 3DS, I promise.

I thought it was awful.


FarleyMcFirefly said:
I thought it was awful.

how far did you get?

Didn't enjoy the DS game so I bought Kirby Triple Deluxe.

I hope Yarn Yoshi is good, and more importantly still exists.