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BasilZero said:
RubberWhistleHistle said:
BasilZero said:
Will get it when it goes on sale ;)

how would it ever go on sale? you know how stubborn nintendo is with the prices of their games. i usually buy nintendo games the week they release and i have never seen a sale on them before. is a sale for yoshis new island feasible at all?

Numerous store sales and special promotions occur with or without Nintendo's consent.

I've purchased Fire Emblem Awakening for $15, Paper Mario Sticker Star for $10, Pokemon X for $30, and Kingdom Hearts 3D for $20.

All New too.

Only game I've paid full price is Bravely Default because I pre-ordered the collector's edition.

A sale for Yoshi's New Island is feasible considering the fact that even a dollar, two or three saved can net me 4-5 games off of another platform (i.e. Steam via humble bundle)

wow those are some great deals for 3ds games! how did you like sticker star? i 100%ed the game and felt.. that it was slightly above average.