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YAY 149 55.81%
see results 26 9.74%
nay 86 32.21%

X1 is for the comcast cable boxes. I like xb1 better.

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XOne for me.

Name? Let's just call it "it".

Xbone all the way.
Any true fan not blinded by defensiveness can just as easily embrace it as a term of endearment.
Really, Xbone is just the standard abbreviation for Xbox and removing the space between that and "one".
If somebody's feeings are hurt by not including a "space", they are playing victim.
Microsoft's silly naming convention shenanigans is what created the grounds for it in the first place.
(motivated by not wanting to be "one number less" despite having produced one less console gen than Sony)
A truly objective naming scheme would be Xbox 3, or XB3 for short.
I originally jumped on the Xbox180 name after the big launch 180, but that is the past, while the bone is eternal.
Long live the bone.

I prefer Xbone or X1

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Short and snappy?

The mods here seem to think XBone is acceptable, but XBox Won is inflammatory.

Would calling XSA be offensive? Like NSA they both listen to their customers and the whole NSA scare contributed to a lot of peoples distrust of the kinect. Seriously tho X3 is my serious vote. Its the third xbox console and it's short and sweet. Not as confusing as X1 but just as convenient.

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superchunk said:
starcraft said:

Getting a few reports...this thread is not far from lockville


This thread has been increadibly respectful and a good discourse on an important matter. Anyone reporting is clearly not participating.

I admit, I reported the thread a few times. When I read the first reply " Xbox 540 > Xbox 180", I misread it and thought it was some variation of "Xbox > PS3". Upon reading this I immediately lost self-control and reported the thread several times before calming down and realizing my mistake.

I'll just start referring to it as Zune!

Z is next to X on the US keyboard, une sounds almost like one... (I'll just stop there)