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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is considered the best combination for this generation?


What is the best combination?

PS4 & PC 54 19.78%
Xbox One & PC 2 0.73%
Wii U & PC 60 21.98%
PS4 & Xbox One 23 8.42%
PS4 & Wii U 123 45.05%
Xbox One & Wii U 11 4.03%

PC because most games on the PS4 and Xbone are released on it.

Wii U to play dem Nintendo exclusives.

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Console wise, in my view PS or XB + Wii U. Can't go wrong with that. For me it's PS4 and Wii U.


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PC is a given for me. I'll have that even if I ignore consoles, which I've done a couple times in the past.

A PS4 is the most likely console. Sony has too many IPs that I really like and I'm a fan of World Wide Studios. That leaves PC+PS4 as a probable combination.

The big question is, should I buy a Wii U or an XO down the line as my third gaming option? Until a real Zelda, Metroid, or Star Fox game releases, or they come out with an awesome new IP, I probably won't consider a Wii U. Xbox is really getting my attention, however. Though most of the new IP they have don't interest me personally, I'm really impressed with all their new game studios. The XO, especially now that it's unbundled, impresses me far more than the 360 ever did in terms of exclusive content potential.

Wii U makes the perfect complementary console. So that's one for me for sure. Depends on your tastes, but PS4 or X1.

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Ninricken said:
So a lot of people want the Wii U as their second console. That means the sales should be better.

Because it's a lot of people... of this forum, not the whole gaming comunity.


OT: It's PC+WiiU for me and I.

The original plan was to add another one (probably the PS4) so I could play the few exclusives that skip PC, but I have realized that I barely turn on my WiiU and that when I want to play I always go first to PC. And given that I don't see that habit changing, there's no point buying another console.

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Wiiu + PC
But I will buy a ps4 for jrpgs most likely however majority of the third party will be on PC and first party on wiiu for me


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Wii U definitely because I love Nintendo's exclusives. As for a secondary system, I'm not all that interested in any of them right now. I would lean towards building a PC, simply because I'm going to need a new PC in the future anyway, so adding an extra 2-300 bucks to make it a decent gaming rig would be a good investment. Unfortunately there are a few games I really want to play that won't be on PC (Final Fantasy XIV and KHIII among others). The XBox One is more appealing to me than the PS4 right now because I'm interested in Dead Rising 3 and Sunset Overdrive. Not much, but it's more than I'm interested in for the PS4 which is just Infamous.

Ps4 + Xbone would be my choice

I'll go with PS4 + Wii U. Already have a Wii U, and will buy a PS4 when I can afford it. The PS4 will get the best versions of multiplatforms I suppose (except PC versions) and Sony's exclusives are more my taste.


PS4 and 3DS XL for me. Sadly I still dont own 3DS XL. Also a decently powered PC to play all indie games.