Forums - Sony Discussion - Nate Wells, TLOU Lead Artist, has left Naughty Dog?

EB1994 said:
Nem said:

GT6 was talked about aswell.

GT6 won't get a remaster...They'll just make GT7 or GT7 prologue

If GT7 releases as early as has been talked about then it will surely just be a remaster with a slight number change.

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

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Eh. Can't be that big of a loss!

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Another one? Man, Sonic Boom must be the game of the year at this rate! 2014 will be the year of Sonic Boom Awards! Watch, they will get 10 awards for that hideous leg design alone! Either that or Mobile really is the future!

I wouldn't really care if it was just another developer but another Lead? Just wow

I know you're joking. But I really do hope Sonic Boom is a contender for GOTY 2014! >_<

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What the heck is going on at Naughty Dog?

I'm sure someone who didn't even work for Naughty Dog for two whole years and has been around the block in the industry is somehow a big deal...

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It's not like software companies need to keep a constant compliment of people. They hire and release people depending on their workload and where they are in the development of games. Even Microsoft execs have said as much.