Forums - Gaming Discussion - Witcher 3 rumors: 900p PS4/720p Xbone, 30fps, equals minimal settings of PC

I'm pretty sure you don't need a 780 Ti to get 60 FPS 1080p if you change the AA to a MLAA style AA anyways, a 770 would be able to handle that easily and the 4GB version only costs like 360-370 USD which would already blow the PS4 and X1 away. You can also software OC the stuff without voltage increase if they are built well enough for more performance as well.

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As some have said, this game still has about a year til it releases, maybe more if there are delays. Right now it's just about getting the game to run on the consoles. Closer to launch is when much of the optimization will happen, plus maybe Sony will send some guys over to their studio and show them some tricks they have learned. In the end, I expect 1080p from the PS4 and 720p/900p from the One.

Can't wait to do a massive upgrade when this comes out

Must increase the size of epenis to meet epenis demands!!!


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*Insert PC master race comment here*

If the game is a year away from release then surely the PC spec they can rely on as the minimum will be higher and that minimum level may indeed be equal to ps4/xbone etc graphically.

Neither the PS4 or xbone really pushed the envelope this generation unlike the previous generation. I'm sure the ps4 and xbone versions will be fully optimised but PC specs move on.

Also any PC game with high cpu requirements clearly will have to be compromised for ps4/xbone. They just aren't competitive with normal PC's with regard CPU performance.

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They really should worry less about the graphics, and spend more time polishing their clunky controls. I sure hope it's better than the witcher 1&2 were.

Wtf? Most people can't afford that GPU, who are this people targeting with this?

It can be true, but i hope not...

LOL @ people in denial... ps4/xbone are not the all mighty consoles you guys dream it is... wake up!


The sensible thing to do is call BS on this news.

I think the XBox 720p rumour started with Thuway. He and some of the other 'insiders' like CBoat have been severely discredited since it was shown they were making up BS rumours that reflected negatively on the performance of the XBox. I think a lot of sites are just running with the old Thuway BS rumour. I'll wait for confirmation from the developer.