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Sony PlayStation 4 sales are currently sitting at over 5.3 million, ahead of the console's launch in Japan.

The company announced the figure this morning ahead of the Japanese launch due to take place on February 22. Seeing as Sony had previously announced it wanted to sell 5 million PS4 consoles by the end of the financial year on March 31, it's currently significantly ahead of schedule.

This number looks set to swell pretty rapidly as of next week too, as early indicators suggest that the PS4 will sell out as soon as it launches in Japan.

Previously, Sony announced that 2.1 million consoles had been sold globally as of early December, one million of which were sold in 24 hours. Following launch, PS4 became the fastest-selling console in UK history. The last update we had on sales figures was at the start of January, where the figure was sitting at 4.2 million.

The last update we received on Xbox One sales revealed 3 million units had been sold to consumers by the end of last year, though 3.9 million have been shipped to retailers.


Dat PS4 stomp.

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As of Feb 8. VGC has 5.19 as comparison

Sony should be at 6mil by the end of Japans launch week.


Dup thread

VGC is understracking PS4 by 100k, conspiracy confirmed ?

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Aerys said:

VGC is understracking PS4 by 100k, conspiracy confirmed ?

I was thinking the same thing! It is verrryyyy undertracked, what the hell?!?! ;p  

But really, it is slightly undertracked and seems to get adjusted up after each week. Considering the craziness hasn't even started yet in Japan... Crazy. Just plain Crazy.