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when will the U hit 10 m?

in 2015 82 27.33%
after it dies 15 5.00%
nevar!!!!! 30 10.00%
jun,2014 9 3.00%
jul,2014 6 2.00%
aug,2014 10 3.33%
sep,2014 10 3.33%
oct,2014 17 5.67%
nov,2014 27 9.00%
dec,2014 94 31.33%

I'm guessing by the end of August.

But that's assuming a summer release of Smash Bros and a consistent software release schedule. Until I see a Nintendo Direct I'm not making firm predictions.

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when will wii u hit 10 million?

Answer: Not this year unless they do something drastically (like releasing 3D Pokemon MMORPG).

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Probably over the holidays

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Hopefully just before the run up to christmas, so October 2014

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it has to be(I think) this year around the holiday push,but yeah,its a friggin snails pace neck and neck with the vita most weeks

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I'd like to think it should pass 10m this year, maybe even before the holiday season if Nintendo ups its efforts with advertising and game releases

If Wii U sales are 10 million LTD sometime in 2014, does it mean it will sell twice as much than 2013? If so, I think we won't see 10 million until 2015 unless Nintendo begins to aggressively advertise the system and releases a new and innovative game that makes use of the Game Pad that is hard to imagine but also fun to play.

Edit: I did some math

Wii U sales in 2013 LTD is around 5.479 million according to VGchartz numbers in 2012 and 2013

So Wii U needs haves 4.521 million to reach 10. Wii U sales in 2013 according to VGchartz are 3.232 million. Selling 4.521 million in 2014 means a 39.9% increase of sales in 2013. That is much better than needing to sell 50% more than 2013, but it's still a pretty big number.

december 2014

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With the bunch of great franchises coming it is going to reach before the end of this year Nov or Dec

I believe it will do it in the beggining of 2015. Best case scenario are 2014 hollydays.