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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - My impresions so far with ALttP

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What's your opinion on ALttP?

It's awesome! 26 65.00%
Overrated 4 10.00%
Underrated 2 5.00%
OoT IZ THA BEHST! 90's kid 4ever 1 2.50%
I like other's more 7 17.50%

The best in the franchise imo, Haven't played Albw yet, but I highly doubt it's better.

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I beat it 23 years ago, and loved it.
But I still consider OoT the best Zelda ever made.

Glad you're enjoying it though!

OoT was good but it's so ridiculously overrated.

It's very overrated, but not bad. I liked ALBW better.

Mystro-Sama said:
Is A Link Between Worlds as good?

I don't want to sound like I'm overselling it but it's fucking phenomenal!!!!!

Seriously though. You should instantly drop everything you are currently doing and go and buy this game right now.



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ALttP is definitely one of my favourite Zeldas. Its control system feels a little bit slow after playing through ALBW four times now, but it still feels super precise.

Some of the later dungeons felt a little more boring than others though... but overall ALttP is a really great game.


Clearly you are a man of distinguished taste. Trust me when I tell you it only gets better.

I loved it but no game works for every one.

Slarvax said:
vivster said:
Well it is the best Zelda game after all.

Everybody says that for Ocarina!

Twilight Princess is better in almost every way.

- Better story.

- Midna is the best assist character. That fairy(forgot her name) is the most annoying one ever. 

- It's a longer game.

- Better design art. OOT is quite bland in this regard

- Better overworld. OOT's overworld just feels empty. 

- Better combat system. 

- The wolf is better than the ocarina. I don't understand why everybody loves the ocarina so much. It breaks up the flow of the gameplay. 

The only thing OOT does better is the beginning. TP starts of extremely slow. 

That said, both are great games. OOT mostly shines because of the dungeon designs though. 

alttp was the best 2d zelda for me
oot was the best 3d zelda for me

which one is better ? i wont be able to judge. both are exceptional good.