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Me! I think it will arrive on friday

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Me!!! I never even saw how a Ps4 bundle looks like in person here in Vienna lol but i see x1 bundles everywhere, who knows when it's going to be available again and when it does it's probably going to be sold out very quickly again. I got the freaking money for it! but i suspect i wont get it at least until spring or summer. -_-

If they don't announce Destiny for PC, that is when I will get one. Right now they offer me nothing that I want that PC doesn't provide. Watchdogs, The Division, and AC4 are the ones i mainly want.

I don't have AC4 yet because I'm deployed, and my laptop can't handle it at the setting i want to play it at. I'm hoping steam will have a decent sale for it by than seeing as i have an AC tattoo....

Destiny is hyping me up more than any other game has in recent years that I can remember though....been a long time. If Destiny does get a PC release, than it will be Kingdome Hearts III or FFXV

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