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Forums - Website Topics - RIOT OF THE BLOOD BAN!

"Riot Of The Blood

Shut the fuck up with you lame ass insults. That's why your girl left you because you're to much of a pussy your damn self."

Thats as bad as Arts/(hacker) comment thats as bad as a personal attack he should also be banned.

Why are mods being picky? 

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No, I was defending myself against him. Also, I deleted the post and apologized to the members in that thread. I don't think I should get banned at all.

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Hey come on calm down. this aoa issue will be sorted out soon enough and we dont want anyone else banned.



Goes off doesnt change the fact that you whent off, when it wasnt dircted at you, you deserve a ban as well.

If one gets banned so should the other

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Oh shit I would get banned so fast and they would be loving it.

@ riot's comment ---1/10 cuz i heard AoA can pimp the bitches

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totally agree


You provoked all the rest of ArtofAngels posts, if you said nothing, ArtofAngels would of said nothing and then this never would of happened

They both need to get off their computers for 1/2 an hour and cool off.



I don't think dragging more people in this mess is a good thing. Keep both unbanned and give warnings, considering the circumstances.

One thing's for sure, if that was a hacker, he accomplished more than he could have hoped for.

I wont rest until art is unbanned