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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [January 2014 Edition] What are you currently playing and going to be playing (along with what have you completed recently!)

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Are you planning to get a new gaming system this year?

Yes, PS4 18 36.00%
Yes, WiiU 9 18.00%
Yes, Xbox One 0 0%
Yes, PSVita 0 0%
Yes, 3DS/3DSXL/2DS 0 0%
Yes, PC Upgrade 6 12.00%
Other 2 4.00%
None 15 30.00%

Currently playing:
- GT6
- NFS Rivals
- Lego marvel super heroes
- Super mario 3D
Recently completed:
- AC4
- GT6 online multiplayer
- any of the tons of uncompleted games...

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Will start up:
Forza 5
Lego Super Heroes
Skyward Sword
Metroid Prime Trilogy
The Last of Us

Currently Playing
-Wolfenstein 3-D (Xbox 360 Arcade)
-Forza 5 (X1)
-Fifa 14 (X1)
-Rayman Origins (3DS, so close to finishing! Final world, one tooth to get!!)

Recently Completed
-GTA V (360)
-Ryse: Son Of Rome (X1)

Going to Play Next
-Pokemon X (3DS)
-Assassin's Creed IV (X1)
-Sleeping Dogs (360)

- Super Mario 3D World
- Final Fantasy 9

Gonna play:
- Assassin´s Creed 4
- Wonderful 101

Currently Playing:
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (PSP)
Ys: Celceta (Vita)
Tales of Xillia (PS3)
Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag (PC)

Recently Completed:
Hotline Miami (Vita)
The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 1 (PC)

Going to Play Next:
Valkyrie Chronicles 2 (PSP)
Sleeping Dogs (PC)
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix (PS3)
Killzone Mercenaries (Vita)


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I have too many games right now.

What I should be playing:

Persona 4 Golden (not even started)
Uncharted Golden Abyss (started and played for maybe an hour)
Tearaway (started and played for an hour)
Gravity Rush (in the last third of the game but not touched for a week)
Soul Sacrifice (not started)
Guacamelee (started but not touched for 2 weeks)
Dragon's Dogma (played for an hour, not touched for a month)
Lightning Returns (started and played for a bit, not touched for a month)

All of these games are fun but for some reason I don't have the motivation to play them

What I'm actually playing:
Watching Anime and commenting in this forum.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.

I'll definitely have a WiiU by the time this year ends. Gonna get Mario 3d, WW HD, Smash, and Mario Kart. Might get a 3DSXL as well with Pokemon X, 3d World, and ALBW

Get Your Portable ID!Lord of Ratchet and Clank

Duke of Playstation Plus

Warden of Platformers

Currently playing:
Battlefield 4 (ps4)
Ac4 (ps4)
Soul Sacrifice (vita)
Minecraft (ps3)
Bordelands 2(ps3)
Grid 2 (ps3)

Recently completed:
Walking dead season one (ps3)
Hotline Miami (vita)
Red dead redemption (ps3)
Battlefield 3 (ps3)
The Last of Us (ps3

Upcoming games:
Watch dogs (ps4)
Call of Duty Ghosts (ps4)
Killzone Shadowfall (ps4)
tomb Raider (ps4)
BioShock Infinite (ps3)
Tearaway (vita)
Minecraft (vita) [when it gets released]

Me gusta queso 

psn id: rychussnik

Currently playing
- Pinball FX2 (PC, Win 8 App*)

"Recently" completed (actually more like ages ago)
- The Night of the Rabbit (PC)
- Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes (PC)
- The Blackwell Legacy (PC)

Going to play next
- The Dark Eye: Memoria (PC)
- Blackwell Unbound (PC)

* Fun fact: single tables are .50€ cheaper on Win 8 than on Steam, Star Wars table packs are 1.50€ cheaper.

Currently Playing:
Persona 4 Golden - This has taken over everything.
Far Cry 3 - Honestly, I don't know if I'll go back. I've taken all the bases and towers and that's where most of the fun is at. The story is face-palm-worthy. Also, I'm stick of tigers.
Kingdoms of Amalur - I'm probably done with this one, too. I like the game but it's actually too big. In an effort to do all the quests I've over-leveled and burnt myself out.

Going to Play Next:
Dishonored - Steam sale.
Tomb Raider - Steam sale.
FTL - Steam sale.
BioShock Infinite - The moment it comes up on PS+.
Dead Island - Amazon sale. This is a "maybe", though, as I don't care for FPP melee games. I might look into gun mods.

I'll pick up a PS4 after the first price break. After that, I'll pick up a 3DS, probably during a holiday sale.

I've already upgraded my PC with an HD7850 with a stripe, which makes it superior to any HD7850 that does not have a stripe. This is in preparation for Dragon Age: Inquisition.