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Forums - Sales Discussion - Xbox Outsells PlayStation More Than 170% at Worlds #1 Retailer

Just so I understand this. This

and this

Give the data for this right?

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dupe lock

kowenicki said:
Itachi312 said:
its the same crap though...they sold all the PS4s they had...XBone sold more because it just launched and there were more in stock.

so they dont count?

The sales count. It's the comparison in this context that is retarded.

I think because of the TV feature thing in xbox one.

Euphoria14 said:
Is this from that same 3,000 shopper survey that hinted at a total of (12) XBox Ones sold?

1.2% of 5,000 (60) receipts contained an Xbox One.  0.8% of 5,000 (40) receipts contained an Xbox 360.

12 would be 1.2% of 1,000.

Forbes is citing Infoscout.  Forbes is one of the #1 news/reference sources for investors.

While clearly a sampling of data, it does suggest that the Xbox One did extremely well at WalMart during their Black Friday event.

Consider if you will, the differences in clientele of both WalMart and Gamestop.  WalMart is a general consumer shopper.  They're less likely to wait in line for a Day One purchase, and instead they'll make their purchase on Black Friday when they're in the store shopping for deals.  A GameStop shopper is more likely to already be a gamer.  They're also more likely to purchase day one, or when they can afford to buy.  Neither excludes the non-stereotype shopper from shopping the store, but having worked in electronics retailer before, it is rare for the atypical shopper for such a store to venture in on Black Friday. 

What this suggests is the general consumer is buying Xbox One's and Xbox 360's on Black Friday in North America.

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I have said it since E3 that the real test will be in 2014 once the newness wears off a bit and we get a feel of base lines for these systems world wide.