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I want to be pickled or put in a tomb thing (I don't know the actual name for it)

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to have body covered in secret chemicals so that I become a walking zombie, and both rip/consume every one of you

mysticwolf said:


  1.)   I couldn't stand the idea of having my body locked away in a box. I've had enough of boxes. We live in a box, we drive around in a box on wheels, we stare into a box for many hours each day, we go to sleep on top of a box, and when we die we are placed inside a box. But not me.

                For me, the choice seems obvious: Give my body freely back to the planet that enabled me to live. I would have my body thrown out into the middle of the ocean, give back my body to the place where life started. But I think that may not be possible legally, as my remains could well end up on the shore of some country, and that might not go so well. 

2.) I wouldn't like the idea of cremation, because most of my body would simply be lost as heat, not really helping the environment when all the nutrients in my body are burned into ashes. I want to be picked at, gnawed on, chewed up, etc. Basically I want my body turned into animal tissue and poop. 


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2.) Awfully pretentious of you to just assume you're delicious, isn't it? 

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I dont care what happens to my body when Im dead, because Im Dead! Burn it up and throw the ashes in the backyard for all I care.


Probably cremation, but it's hopefully a little early to be thinking about such plans.

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1. Organs stripped for people that need them

2. Used by science for research

3. Disposed of in cheapest, easiest way possible (cremation seems likely)

4. Use money for a nice party instead of a funeral, I want people to be happy I lived not sad I died.

Put on a wooden boat and set on fire.


Jay520 said:

Actually, being buried doesn't really steal resources. Unless you're in an air-tight coffin, your corpse will become a home for insects and bacteria to thrive. But even if the coffin is air-tight, it's not going to last an eternity. Eventually, even if it takes a million years, the coffin will deteriorate and your atoms will be free to roam the Earth and do stuff.

In any case, even if you are in impenetrable coffin (which is impossible), you still aren't taking anything. Your body is merely a particular system of arrangement of atoms from the universe. You aren't taking any atoms from the universe; you just arrange them in a particular system. No, scartch aren't even arranging any atoms; rather, the atoms arrange themselves in a system that is "you". You are the result of movements by the atoms, rather than the other way around. And after you die, those same atoms will exist to do whatever it is they do. Explain how this is selfish?

Yes, I want you to criticize me.

Coffins, in a sense do steal resources. Coffins don't grow on trees, they come from trees. A tree has to be cut down in order for me to be buried in a coffin. Cutting down that tree for my coffin sends the message that I am more important than that tree. If you look at what it takes to make the average wooden coffin, it's a lot more than just wood. Much stuff that could be harmful to the environment.I realize that coffins aren't permanent and that they will eventually break down. But for me, the problem I have is the premise behind it. To me, a coffin sends the message of trying to protect and shield the body from the outisde world. We don't even need coffins. Originally, coffins were used to prevent decay, to stop spread of diseases from corpses, a way to respect and give comfort to the dead, and as a symbol of wealth. We don't need any of those things. 

I never said I was taking atoms away from the universe, I said that if I was to be put in a coffin I would feel like I was keeping my atoms all to myself, instead of giving them back to the earth. Furthermore, I believe the energy in my body would be put to better use on the forest floor or in the ocean, rather than inside a box six feet under. 

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yum123 said:
donate all my parts and organs, cant understand why you would want to be cremated, may aswell give your organs to someone who needs them instead of just burning them

Thats nobel but if you are old nobody will want your organs they need young organs. The only way to help human society with your dead body is agreeing to be dissected to teach med students.

I want my body to be resurrected and rejuvinated and made king of the world

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