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Forums - Gaming Discussion - do you think RTS games are hard?

okr said:
WagnerPaiva said:
No, I love them, Civilization 5, Tropico 3 and Civ Revolution are amazing!

None of those are RTS. Civ is TBS (and the best best gaming franchise ever created imo), Tropico is an economic sim.

Really? I adore tropico, any other economic sims you could recomend? For consoles if possible, my pc is not that great...

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vs. AI, not generally.

vs. real people, depends on who you're up against. :P But overall, it's more difficult than going against AI

Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Depending on which ones... If your talking about RTS such as the Halo ones on Consoles/Windows, then no... If your talking about stuff like Command and Conquer, Starcraft 2, then I would say average, they are easy enough to learn but hard to master... And if your talking about CIV5/Sins of a Solar Empire type, then heck yes!!!

Civ V? Try playing Civ IV, much steeper learning curve. 

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It greatly depends on the game itself. RTS is my favorite genre. A good RTS should be incredibly difficult to master. SC2 is a simple game to play but it is very tough at the upper skill levels


people seem to be confusing TBS and RTS.  Both are in the strategy genre but are very different.


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SC2 and especially SC1 have incredibly high skill ceilings. The best players in the world who are paid to play it constantly make mistakes. They're also unforgiving in that a single small mistake can cost you the game.

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bananaking21 said:
daredevil.shark said:

Its fun. But the problem is we have very few quality RTS now a days. Quality RTS games are rare.

you should than EA for that.

Yah. Red alert 1, 2 and expansions(westwood studios), C & C Generals zero hour and its mods were awesome. Games like age of mythology and age of empies were pinnacle of RTS gaming. Since then I havent played any good RTS games (Rome total war was good). Both EA and Microsoft have taken away their attention from RTS games.