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I wasn't even mean to him. He was trolling.

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@dsoverpsp Or more likely you didn't introduce yourself by attacking a mod, trolling and creating multiple accounts. Read and then you'll know what happened.

@wiiforever Because we have more than 2 braincells.

I think madkiller is his alternate. He shows up right after the other guy stops. He is singing the same tune as the other guy. He has been reading for a while and he decides this is the first topic to post on? not about sales or his favorite system. And he starts questioning and accusing mods. I haven't seen a mod misuse their power yet. I'm not omnipresent though so I don't know. How would a new user know all about it? He said he's seen it multiple times. And it seems to me he is trying to start a flame war.

kingofwale said:
no offense, with 15 posts, you haven't really earned the right to whine.

yes, it's harsh, but COME ON! If you want universal approval, well, there's no such thing in life, you just have to live with it.

If you want to stay, Great, I can be your friend, if not, Well, see you later, I really don't think I'd remember this thread 10 days from now.

 every1 loved me from day 1....right? 

My sister just bought 'Cause Stone Cold said so! I need to watch that....

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PooperScooper said:
My sister just bought 'Cause Stone Cold said so! I need to watch that....

 great movie  

^very random

OT: U guys are highy suspicious that madkiller is Solidar but u cannot confirm it tho

Who would've thought a guy with the name 'Madkiller' would be so sensitive.

^lolol That gave me a good laugh!

Wiiforever. I never said "OMG BAN HIM HE IS TEH SOLIDER"

I just voiced my opinion. And my opinion is being a new memeber he shouldn't accuse a mod of foul play. It's suspicious. I told him things to help him but he wouldnt listen.

He kept insisting there were people who didn't get banned when they should have. When I told him about the report system he didn't acknowledge it. He kept insisting he didn't want to be banned for not like Apple or Sony. When we kept telling him the guy got banned for threatening and harrassing after he recieved a warning he ignored that. Then he said I was attacking the user because a positive MS post. When I tell him it had to do with him singling out a group of people and nothing about the companies and show him proof he kept insisting SSJ was wrong.