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I just picked this up a couple days ago, and it's hilariously fun! really great PSP game, just ondeirng if I'm alone, or has anyone else played it? thoughts? stoked for the sequel?

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'fraid not. An adventure game in Japanese is quite out of my reach.
Is there a fan translation or something?

well, albeit, a little japanese knowledge helps. my knowledge goes only as far as self study, my fiancee being a japanese-education major, 1 year in college, and importing video games. so I get the jist of whats going on, but I couldn't tell you what the missions are. It's a really fun beat em up, and you can play with little knowledge.

so far I've kinda treated it like an arcade game, and I've accidentally cleared multiple missions this way :D


My Japanese goes as far as knowing a few words from fansubs though this actually being a beat-'em-up certainly simplifies things. Maybe I'll look into it, thanks to the (free!) Valhalla Knights, my PSP may get more usage soon.

check it out.

oh yeah this is totally worth it, oddly enough my psp is finally wiping away the dust because of some imports, japan has TONS of triple A psp ames we never got...

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Yup, indeed.
Even some big and good ones like Type 0.

Hopefully, that is coming one way or another.

Akiba in MGS4 has turned me against anything bearing that name.