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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony GamesCom was awesome! Only Sony takes Europe serious now?

The show was really good... the best so far in GamesCom.

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the conference was terrible, the infamous trailer was nice but most of it was seen before, as for killzone it was good but we are still in the dark, am i guessing it has no mechs/jetpacks?? DriveClub wasn't shown and we had no new game announcements other then downloadables and indies.

Were we watching the same conference? It was bad. Sony managed to save themselves in the end starting with Assassin's Creed. :/

Some of the announcements were cool, but it could've been presented A LOT better.

maximrace said:
Wtf dude? Put your glasses off... This was one of the baddest conference I've seen.

You must have forgotten the Xbone release conference then xD

Wright said:

Then don't say "7 vita games!" and show two. Then don't mention ND, Sony Santa Monica and so on and show absolutely nothing.

They showed more than 7 new Vita games lol

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I thought it was kinda boring apart from the Shadow of The Beast trailer which looked awesome.

Turkish said:

Their pressconference was E3 level. Big stage, a livestream and lots of new announcements.

15 new PS4 games

7-10 new Vita games(its time to call it the indie handheld)

PS3 and Vita pricecuts

PS4 releasedate

and lots of other media stuff



Seriously, it looks like only Sony takes this market serious, handling like it was E3. Microsoft thinks the show is inferior and Nintendo couldnt even show up. Shame on you Iwata!

PS3 pricecut? :O

I didn't like this conference much, to be honest. But the details Sony gave were good.


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GT and Watchdog movie adaptations? B-lister indie titles? Sign me up!!

disolitude said:
GT and Watchdog movie adaptations? B-lister indie titles? Sign me up!!

B- list ? idk about that.