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Chevinator123 said:
i dont listen to shitty mainstream music

Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's "shitty".

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Chevinator123 said:
i dont listen to shitty mainstream music

So do you listen to shitty secondary music?

PS. I just kidding with the antonyms

PeterSilenced said:
Luck said:
So many talented and unique singers out there, yet she's in the spotlight.

Welcome to the Dark Age of popular music.

She is a unique singer and a complete package ..i mean she writes,dances,produces,sings,plays intruments and acts too 

I'll always take quality over quantity.

I prefer a singer with only a great and unique voice supported by other great musicians if it means the end result is better. And I listen to music for the... music. Not the dancing, not the acting.

In that Gaga's new song, I really dislike what I perceive as a total lack of instrumental depth, probably there for accentuating the ''catchiness'' of the song. The problem is, her voice is just not powerful and dynamic enough to make it enjoyable to my ears.

But of course, this is all very subjective.

I Loved Applause, apparently it almost didnt make the cut for ARTPOP, so im so stoked for the album. GAGA IS BACK

Chevinator123 said:
i dont listen to shitty mainstream music

Hipsters be hipstin'.

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It's very catchy. I've been replaying this for hours already. It's much better than Roar, imo.

When she doesn't need the help of famous, studio owned song writers to help her, I'll pay attention.

Its better than Born This Way, but worse than Bad Romance.

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Chevinator123 said:
i dont listen to shitty mainstream music

You just listen to banjo music down on the river at a Catfish bake then?

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what do I think about it? Well, I think I'm not allowed to hear it and I'm instead supposed to buy it somewhere blindly... Fucking GEMA...

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