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Forums - Sports Discussion - Andy Murray, Wimbledon champion

Soleron said:
Djokovic made far more errors than normal. He was tired from the epic semifinal.

I don't think this would happen again if they were both ready and it wasn't that hot.

Really?  Thats very dismissive of you.

Their head to head is fairly competitive, they are actually very close.  Thats why one is Number 1 and one is Number 2 in the world.


Murray v Djokovic

Overall: Djokovic 11-8
On grass: Murray 2-0
In finals: Murray 5-4
In Grand Slams: Djokovic 3-2

I'm not really here!

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Cool i wish i watched it now. One day i should actually go to Wimbledon, i'm sure it's better than watching it on the TV.

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Sad that Djoko didn't win. At least he didn't lose round one. :p