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Zarx changed his avatar again. Thoughts?

Noice 248 61.39%
So soon? I just got used to the last one 14 3.47%
it sucks 22 5.45%
Your cropping skills are lacking 13 3.22%
Too noisy, can't tell WTF it even is 14 3.47%
Meh 32 7.92%
Captain_Yuri said:

Meh, I think Mostly Positive is where I more or less expected. You look at something like Watch Dogs 2, that has "Very Positive" reviews and while Deathloop may have issues... It's much more interesting than Watch Dogs and it's generic gameplay. I am sure you can find more examples if you care enough. DF also did their optimized settings which fixes a lot of the issues with Deathloop in terms of performance and Steam Forums does help with issues like this. And I am sure the negative reviews would be much worse if the refund system didn't exist.

For me, I have come to the conclusion that the masses have a different taste than I do a long time ago so I don't really pay that much attention anymore. I am still searching for the glory days of RTS but that sure ain't happening anytime soon. I have a cousin that loves his asscreed and ubisoft games. Every time I talk to him, he's all about that asscreed. He always puts them in his GOTY. I am almost disgusted that anyone in my gene pool has such yawn worthy tastes... Then again, if they saw my hentai games collection... They may be disgusted on my pervertedness... So to each their own as the saying goes. *Unfriends cousin*

I honeatly find most of what Ubisoft makes as being generic, even with half the woke stuff they've been dabbling in. OG Watchdogs had something, but that something ended up not being there and being half arsed, then by WD2 they decided to change it up to being GTA with millennial hackers. 

I do find some youtube reviews being more honest than what user reviews I find on Steam, which is why I wish for Steam user reviews to be a bit more critical instead of overly positive and just ignoring overly visible flaws. 

Tbh, I've always found the masses to being exactly what corps see them as, whales, not that smart, not the types to be critical about something until it's too late or if it absolutely bites their arse real hard. I also find them as being one of the many problems as to why bad practices continue, because they feed and allow them to spread (again, only doing something about it when it bites them real hard in the ass, like the lootbox fiasco with the parents that slept on MT's for nearly a decade). 

Like I love RTS games too, but I loved what Arkane used to make, but now they just seem to be a one trick pony show, only it's less stellar and more mediocre, but the masses seem to be more than happy with their output, and I wanted them to do better than this. I just want the masses to want companies to do better, instead of shrugging and eating from the trough without a word (it's kinda why I just look down on them most of the time, because they just don't care enough).

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Opinion Piece #2 as it's slow news weekend...

AMD needs to be competitive in features if they want to charge Nvidia prices

AMD going from being xx70 competitor to being able to trade blows against Nvidia's xx90 is certainly quite the achievement. But when AMD is asking similar prices to Nvidia for only being good at one thing and not even good at that all the time... Well... It becomes very hard to recommend.

And here is what I mean. Lets look at for example, techpowerups review of the 6600XT as that will have the latest data in their reviews:

So what is the pattern? Well in Raster...

4k 1440p 1080p
3090/3080 Ti > 6900XT 3090/3080 Ti > 6900XT 6900XT > 3090/3080 Ti
3080 > 6800XT 6800XT > 3080 6800XT > 3080
6800 > 3070 Ti 6800 > 3070 Ti 6800 > 3070 Ti
3070 > 6700XT 3070 > 6700XT 3070 > 6700XT
3060 Ti/3060 > 6600XT 3060 Ti > 6600XT > 3060 3060 Ti > 6600XT > 3060

So RDNA 2's claim to fame is supposed to be in Raster... Yet... Most of their GPUs loose even in Raster... Unless you are one of those types that pay $1000 for a GPU to play at 1080p. To be fair though, least at the top end, the % are so close that it doesn't matter too much. But then you add in the features where Nvidia is vastly superior like in Ray Tracing, like in DLSS, like in Production workloads, and with added features such as RTX voice and etc... And of course, Nvidia GPUs also have support for FSR and Re-sizable Bar (but granted SAM works a bit better on AMD). And you really get to see why it's hard to recommend RDNA 2 over Nvidia... Especially at todays prices...

And of course, Raster is becoming the new "Medium" settings as time goes on where as Ray Tracing is becoming the new "Ultra" settings. As games continues to implement Ray Tracing, AMD really needs to catch up next gen, especially in features.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. RDNA 3 is supposed to have MCM design that's supposed to be really revolutionary. And they patented technology similar to Tensor Cores and DLSS. We will see how that fairs against Nvidia's node parity as both RDNA 3 and Lovelace are supposed to be using the same node but suffices to say, Jensen has his work cut out for him. I believe AMD can become dominant in the GPU market. They just need to pull a Zen 3 which they just might do next time. Lets just hope that if they do pull a zen 3 in the GPU space, they don't forget about their budget buyers...

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It's funny how that table of yours shows what we all know: as resolution increases, the impact of the lower memory bandwidth of Navi 2x becomes more visible. And that's not something they'll change with RDNA3, as far as rumors go, as they'll only put more cache on it to compensate (ok, and maybe go for GRRD6X).

Other than that, we'll see how the MCM approach works, first times can be troublesome, but yeah, let's hope that RT performance improves noticeably and puts AMD roughly on par with Nvidia. The DLSS alternative will depend on how open it is, how easy to use it is and the adoption rate by both studios and engine providers.

As for the low end... well, if AMD has ample experience in something in the GPU space is in rebadging cards from one gen to another. I have no doubt that they'll have 7xxx series cards for the low end, but I wouldn't be surprised if they use Navi 2x chips in them. That said, the rumors said that the high end GPUs would go with two different MCM configurations while keeping a more traditional monolithic design for the rest, so at least it looks like they have something planned for that segment as well.

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Yea increasing the cache is certainly going to be interesting at higher resolutions with RDNA3. AMD themselves recognizes that once you go above a certain amount of cache, the diminishing return kicks in as well as higher the resolution, the lower the hit rate on the cache itself.

And of course, once you start lowering the cache in an architecture that relies heavily on cache to perform... Then the performance starts to fall off along with it and relies more and more on external memory bandwidth.

Next gen is certainly going to be interesting.

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There's one extra thing that could be important for next gen cards: supply. And don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about crypto miners getting all the cards, I'm talking about working chips.

Both AMD and Nvidia will use TSMC's 5nm process so they'll be at the same level when it comes to yield problems, but the MCM design from AMD means smaller parts and more functional chips per waffer, something that should benefit them compared to Nvidia's traditional monolithic design.

Please excuse my bad English.

Currently gaming on a PC with an i5-4670k@stock (for now), 16Gb RAM 1600 MHz and a GTX 1070

Steam / Live / NNID : jonxiquet    Add me if you want, but I'm a single player gamer.

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Gonna need to bring back the Colosseum and gladiator fights to see who is truly worthy to get a next gen card...


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Decided I wanted to watch the LOTR films again this weekend, since it's been years from last watching them.

Then I realised I still own War in the North, but cannot play it due to the shitty ass issues it has with Windows 10. God I miss that game.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been feeling this for some time now with PC ports and PC versions

I know this is a thing that tends to occur at the start of every gen, but it's honestly getting me fed up to seeing devs doing this again and again with PC versions, because one would think they would learn from past mistakes and take the platform far more seriously, to not repeat the same mistakes and us having to wait a year or two for said games to be in actual working order (this is Era's Deathloop PC perf thread btw). 

I think a lot of the core issues are generally due to in-house engines.

Horizon Zero Dawn for example... Developed in an in-house engine... Ran like arse initially on PC. Dayz Gone... Developed on UE4, runs great. Now there are some exceptions like DMCV and such but I think that more often than not, in-house engines is one of the big reasons why PC ports can be subpar until well after launch. Especially as the more generalized engines such as Unreal Engine are built from the ground up for various platforms.


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Sapphire RX 6600 Pulse with 8GB memory pictured and listed at 590 EUR, launches October 13th


AMD CEO Lisa Su awarded with IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal

Well deserved

Intel Arc graphics card with DG2-128 GPU might feature 6GB memory, leaked photo suggests

Core i9-12900K at CPU-Z, CB20, CB23, GB5 - compared vs 11900K, 5950X, 5900X, 5800X

Now this is based on rumoured leaks so take it with a grain of salt as always

USB Type-C 2.1 Spec is Out and It Boasts Significant Improvements

"This is all thanks to the new USB Type-C 2.1 revision and of course, the biggest change is the 240W spec bump that we have witnessed"

That is quite impressive as you could power gaming laptops through one of these connectors.

Embarrassingly Bad: HP Pavilion $1430 Prebuilt Gaming PC (TG01-1160XT Review)

Looks like HP is competing against dell for the worst prebuilts... The fact that a 2060 Super costs more than a 3060 on HPs websites is insane! To the extent where according to GN, you can buy a 2060 Super at todays prices and might be better off building the rest of the PC yourself with better parts and still might save some money. Least there are some prebuilts that are good like the ones from newegg that Steve reviewed previously and the ones that I suggested.


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