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And the winner is...

Bioshock 66 47.48%
Bioshock 2 10 7.19%
Bioshock Infinite 62 44.60%

Which one wins, and why?

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Tough question. I'm still debating if I like Infinite more than 1.

I simple can't decide. I like them both equally

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Bioshock 1 without a doubt for me.

The first one was excellent and unique in every single way.

The second one improved upon everything except the story which I thought wasn't anywhere near as good. I should also point out though that I never finished Bioshock 2

The third one I thought was going to be the best but the world and environments just weren't as unique as the first two nor was their atmosphere as good. That really killed the game for me. The story was decent all the way through until the end where it became purely brilliant.

Bioshock 4 should take place on the moon. That would have some serious potential. Either way, I can't wait for next gen Bioshock.

Ugh it's so hard to decide between 1 and Infinite.

I'll go ahead and say infinite though, simply because Elizabeth was such a well done character.

Bioshock infinite.

Although it's so close between them, I think the story was more ambitious and I liked the setting more.

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Bioshock 1 best story and atmosphere. Bioshock 2 had the best gameplay to me and bioshock infinite was good, but not better than 1 some of the mechanics made no sense.

I only played Bioshock 1 and 2 so my opinion is incomplete but 1 was far better than 2.

I played them back to back, so I have no nostalgia for 1, but I would have to say that 1 is the better game. The characters in 1 are better, the world is better, and even the gameplay is better. Sorry to say it, but 1 wins for me.


Love everything on this game!

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1 > 2 > infinite