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Welcome 3 ps4 games!

Mhxx ends with just 51. I expect a good ratio however and for it to go over 100k FW. The bundles which are not included here will be all sold out so that will help.

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I didn't think MHXX would be a massive success, but if you would have told me a couple months ago it would end up with just 51 points I would have thought you were crazy.

The bundle is our only hope.


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Woah, what happened ??

What!? Xenoverse PogChamp

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7 new games next week :thinking:

Darn. Dat YnNK 2 drop.

Was ark delayed recently?

Anyway good day for golf, evil and cod.

A lot movement in the chart today.

Good to see World War 2 gaining some points. I guess the Beta is also available in Japan.

3 games with - points, that's heavy