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Two random anime gifs to celerbate the new thread!

Former something....

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Tagging new thread.

Goooooooooooooooooo New THread :)

I do not get it? The other thread was fine right? Just post in the thread any new chartz. This is like saying Darth is dead.

But if it has to be then it has to be. Long live Boutros!

When I say Darth is dead I mean his account here, not him in real life. So dont report me for saying that he is dead in real life....what if we keep postin ing the other one?

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The king is dead! Long live the king!

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NintendoPie said:
bananaking21 said:
why is there a new thread?

Because Darth left us and the thread to die. :(

OT: Boutros; our new COMG Princess!

all bow for our new princess wait pricne! no no wait yeah all bow for our new princess!

I just had a thought: Imagine how sad Darth will be if he comes back and sees his thread in ruins

Yay, new thread, taggin'!  Thanks boutros.


SnowPrince said:
Thank's for the new thread !!
Vita's family is never seperate holding up together :D... aaand more vita or 3ds titles than psp !
Plus, Summon Night to be the final big psp title.. RIP, you've been a loyal handheld !

Want to bet?

morenoingrato said:
You are not Darth.

Wow, wow, wow, it's not like Darth has come to update the thread, or given us daily updates with charts, with nice colours. Boutros has given us a lot, the least we should do is thank him.

OT: Slow day, weird for a Saturday, I'm fearing a post GW effect, it will hit hard next weeks numbers.


and the first post should have been "testing"

Tagging new thread.

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