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Forums - Sony Discussion - How much will Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD sell?

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How much will Final Fantas X/X-2 HD sell?

Less than 1m 26 17.22%
1m 27 17.88%
1.5m 32 21.19%
2m 34 22.52%
2.5m 10 6.62%
3m 5 3.31%
More than 3m 17 11.26%

I'm quite surprised at the poll results. Surely the game can do +2.5 million worldwide, well atleast I bet it will. It deserves much more than that though. :P

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^Perhaps they're still sour after FFXIII. :L

Around a million im guessing.

Put me down for 2 mil.

The Metal Gear HD did about 1.8 million so I think this one could do about 2 million maybe.

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I put 2.5m. I may be a little biased because I would totally buy a PS Vita for the game.

<=1 mil

All of this, of course, is just my opinion.

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It should do ~1Mil

The games already had 2 versions released in japan (international versions).

I'm actually expecting less than 500k on PS3 and under 100k for Vita week one.

it'll see a billion copies. hahahaha.