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Out of all the games you own or have played, which game defines you? When I say this, I mean what game tells people the type of gamer you are. For instance if you're a fan of RPG's, which RPG specifically defines you. I'm not asking what's your favorite game, I'm asking what's the biggest game which shows people your taste in games. So in the case of RPG's, if you're a retro, japanese, western, hybrid, etc fan, which game tells people "this is the type of game that I love?"


For me it's Front Mission DS. The game is an enhanced port, of a PS1 port, of a SNES game. In Japan, the SNES game sold 600,000 units, but the DS version sold a measly 50,000 Globally, with only 10,000 units for North America. This is the definition of niche game, but I adore it. It has a classic snes era RPG story, not too complex, but it's really deep. Unlike Fire Emblem, there aren't too many characters, and you regularly see them in dialogues, so they grow on you. It's also a really challenging SRPG, and pretty long too, I think I took about 35 hours to beat both campaigns. Anyway, it's a really fun SRPG, and it's cool that you can customize your unit so much, you really have to think about what body do you want (High defence, or light but allows you to carry more weapons), do you want a lot of small weapons, or a few big ones, do you want to focus in ranged combat, hand to hand, or regular close combat, what skills does each individual character have, and how can you take advantage of them, etc, etc.

Front Mission is the most in depth SRPG I have ever played. While I still prefer Fire Emblem by a bit, mostly because customizing units in Front Mission is 1/3rd the games total time, this game defines me. Only 10,000 sales in North America, and I've never met any hardcore fans of these series like me. I wish Front Mission 2, 5, and 2089 localized though, it's a shame, such a good, but underappreciated series. Heck even FM Evolved for PS3/360 was awesome.

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Although I play a lot of genres, I think when people look at my Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Platinum they pretty much get the idea where I'm coming from.

For me I would say Fire Emblem and Rise of Nations - SRPGs and RTSs are HARDCORE!

Games can and should tell stories and share ideas through their mechanics. This is the intrinsic element of the medium and this is how experiences should be crafted in video games. No company does this as well as Nintendo and their echoes from the past.
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Role Playing Games (whether they are jRPG or wRPG).

You need time and dedication to play those games to 100%


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Easy, Dark Souls because of the in-depth gameplay and challenge it provides.

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I like Platformers. So Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal!

For me its the playstation.


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Everquest. I played it for 4 years and before always on internet it set me up with a $150 monthly phone bill. No other game has come close to the amount of possible strategies you can use with all the different character combinations. No other game has been so unforgiving to not perfectly working together.