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Forums - Sales Discussion - March 2013 NPD Thread! - 360:261k, 3DS:230k, PS3:212k, Wii:91k, DS:86k, WiiU:67k, PSV: 33k

Tag :)

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pezus said:
Here's a summary from the future: Undertracked!

Thanks for spoiling all the fun Pezus!

OT: Hardcore tagged.


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Wow, EEDAR are really low-balling the Wii U numbers. I think up from last month, around 100k?



PS3- 210k

3DS- 200k

Wii U- 110k

DS- 75k

Wii- 70k

PSV- 40k

PSP- 4k


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.


Oh boy, looks like we're in store for some massive ps3 undertracking.

EDIT: Just look at the yoy numbers. down 50%? Highly unlikely. The current trend has been ps3 down 22-24%, 360 down 27-29%. PS3 looking like 100k undertracked, and 360 40-50k undertracked.

Can't wait for real numbers :)

Another month when PS3/360 is undertracked.