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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Grandia: How a forgotten JRPG solved the problem of repetitive combat

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Nem said:
Teo said:
Nem said:
Grandia is one of my favorite RPG series, and i know im not the only one in the west. Grandia 1 and 2 are instant classics. Grandia 3 had great gameplay but fell into a jeneric JRPG plot and characters. Xtreme was a dungeon crawler with little story aswell.

End result: I dont know why they stopped doing them. Maybe the budget for 3 went overboard, but i do think this series is worth carrying on. It has the best combat system ever seen in an RPG and its a shame to see it go like this.

get outta here tbh

Am i gonna have to report the grammar police again? If you have a problem with it and wish to correct me, feel free to send me a proper PM with what you think is wrong and i will fix it. If you're gonna spout cryptic off-topic nonsense, dont post at all. I couldnt care less what you think of my writing.

This is a video-game forum, not an english literature one. We debate games here, we dont debate pretty writing.

If you have an opinion on the topic or the debate bring it forth. If not, maybe you should get outta here "tbh".

No clue what you are yapping on about but it looks like its not worth my time to explain anything.