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How much will Pokemon x and y sell in their opening week in Japan

Under 1 million 6 5.45%
1 to 1.5 million 20 18.18%
1.5 to 2 million 19 17.27%
2 to 2.5 million 23 20.91%
2.5 or more 42 38.18%
Immortal said:
NintendoPie said:
Immortal said:
Okay, guys, stop being so optimistic. Now, even if it performs very well, we're all going to be disappointed because you expected over 2m. The hype is not unusually strong for this one, it's coming much sooner than usual (so there's saturation), 3DS has been erratic for relative sales of established franchises, the physical sales will be artificially reduced by digital buyers and XY has nowhere near the userbase BW had to sell to. There's plenty of things holding this back.

At best, I'm hoping this can match DP in its opening week.

Pokemon has continually become more and more front loaded as time has gone on:


Pokemon X and Y will do better than Pokemon Diamond and Pearl FW, that's for sure. Going as low as to say that it'll only match that? That's quite odd. Anything below 1.8 Million will be a surprise. Anything about 2.3 Million would be unbelievable, and won't happen.

That's very selective data to use considering that RS was a huge tumble from GS. Regardless, DP being higher than RS is not evidence of being frontloaded at all; although it wasn't quite in the same proportion, for LT sales, DP outsold RS considerably, too. The DS simply had a notably higher base to sell to, which allowed DP to perform better on the whole. Not gonna happen for XY.

As for BW, that's uncontestably an outlier. It was the first second generation on the same console and it had an enormous userbase to sell to. None of this applies to XY.

Also, we've seen certain major DS franchises decline considerably on the 3DS. Nintendogs, Brain Age, Layton, 2D Mario... While Pokemon is much more proven than these, it's quite possible it will lose the extra fans it got during the DS days and decline to perform closer to what RS did.

how much do you think pokemon will sell by years end then? Also lifetime (WorldWide for both Questions)

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I will say about 2.1 million

You are forgetting something people, this will be a worldwide release, and there is no other territory than can achieve so much hype that Japan. For being that kind of release with some news mechanics on this kind of game, and if Nintendo ship enough copies of the game,
4 millions copies. An count 1 more on the western side with my copie!