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Forums - General Discussion - What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

Crawling Through Knives - In Flames

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I was watching this movie "Dreamgilrs" yesterday, and the song "Heavy" is in my head. It's a very catchy disco tune.

jay-z - falling, thats a really addic tive track for me rite now

also lupe fiasco - paris/tokyo is stuck in my head as well

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Keith Sweat - In the rain - off my favorite LP of all-time - Make it last forever

The Wind Forest (also known as path of the wind) from My Neighbour Totoro. i had the soundtrack imported from the states



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tiesto - ten seconds before sunrise

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I'm listening to Radio Head's new album - In Rainbows. It's quite good, better then their last few.



Lupe Fiasco---The Cool (the whole album)
and going with the classic
System of a Down---Toxicity

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Eminem - Stan

I'm listening to a sony right now?">">