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Hmmmm. Last I checked, we still had *heaps* of Wii's (Australia, Melbourne) for sale. The general promotion here seems to have died off a lot - also probably because the PS3 is still the "new boy on the block", and has the focus at the moment. Have to go down and check availability next time I'm out... PS: really looking forward to April Wii sales. Numbers could be huge...

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I'm back to 1 out of 17 stores with the same Comp USA 48 day old update showing they have one. (they don't). What this does show is that Target inventory, which was released Sunday, took until Monday late night to update. That's not very real time, and of very little value to anyone. Clearly, this applies to all items on itrackr -- not just the Wii. The 360 guitar hero, elmo, ds lite, PS3, etc. etc.

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