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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is Uncharted the most successful Naughty Dog franchise? Maybe not...

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Boutros said:
And it is to note that the Crash games had a 1-year development cycle. Even more impressive.

CoD cycles lol... and every Crash in PSOne sold almost 4 million in US (NPD).

Cortex Strikes Back: 3.87 million
Warped: 3.76 million

I don't have info for the first game in US.

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More impressive... Crash is one of these Western series to find blockbuster success in Japan.

Cortex Strikes Back: 1.3 million
Warped: 1.4 million

Carl2291 said:
Also, Sony need to get Crash back. Perfect mascot.

There is a problem... the IP owner is Vivendi Games (now called Universal Interactive Studios).

Uncharted doesnt have squat on Crash.

I really enjoyed Crash Bandicoot when I was younger. I hope they bring him back sometime without damaging the series.

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Crash Bandicoot is so 1997. Times have changed. Like Sonic, he had his hey-day and it's long since past.

Uncharted is a better series anyway.

Kantor said:
Crash was on a larger install base, to be fair, and he had the advantage of being perceived as one of PlayStation's two mascots, the other being Spyro.

Drake has a lot more competition for that "mascot" title.

PS1 had mascots? You should definetly count Lara Croft and Solid Snake then!

Crash wasn't a ND franchise though, they had it licensed to them from whoever owned the Crash IP? :P

EDIT: Wow ND did make Crash. Derp. Both Crash and Spyro have crazy ownership swapping histories. 

as of april the uncharted series sold 17.3 Million. the games here are majorly undertrakced!!

still naughty dog sold 22 Million crash games

But how much was it bundled ;).