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People need to stop basing their opinions of Brawl on their own perception of the game , I think the game rocks personaly but you still have to look at it objectivley.

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Worldwide: 2.5 million

Japan: 600k

America: 1.2 million

Others: 700k

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Bet with OriGin: Within 1 year Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be ahead of Mario Kart Wii (when aligning the one whole year from each region). 2 week ban from Vgchartz for the loser. Edit: Darn! Looks like OriGin will win.

Really high.

The 360 won't bomb, the Ps3 won't sell out past 100 million, the Wii will. Over all predictions, NINTENDO IS BACK IN FIRST BITCHES!

Sales: 500,000 first week
Average rating from gaming sites: 8.1

First day: 200,000
Around 600,000-675,000 (Could be as big as Dragon Quest first week)

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3 Million

I'm not joking..thats my Prediction, and i have high hopes for SSBB

Hi i'm new
EA will buy as many Companies they can,so they can make a super Console that
will have the most exclusive games, and Will win the next GEN