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Xxain said:
does porn hub work on Wii U?

why yes it does.

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I tried porn hub. Did not work. xhamster did though.

Xxain said:
I tried porn hub. Did not work. xhamster did though.

weird, it asks whether you want to play the video in HTML5 when I try to open a video, I click yes and then the video plays.

Have you dropped your gamepad down the toilet yet D21??

Absolutely fantastic post!  I laughed, I cried...I even threw up on myself.

Love my Wii U, imho Ninty really got it right this time...and I expect will get better with age.


See you in blops2!!!

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d21lewis said:
  • Best Youtube Browser in gaming:  I discovered this entirely by accident.  I was using the browser version of Youtube (because the App sucks--just like it does on PS3 and 360).  With the Wii U, you can watch a video on the controller and the TV at the same time?  Awesome, right?  No?  Well, shut the fuck up and listen.  With the Wii U, you can throw the video on the TV Screen and browse the comments on the controller.  Still not awesome enough?  Well, with the Wii U, you can throw the video on the TV Screen and then navigate away from Youtube, browsing the entire interweb with your "Tablet Controller" while the video plays on your TV with absolutely no loss in quality.  Yeah.  I thought you'd see things my way.

This made me laugh so hard.

Options, Options, Options

Let's use Black Ops 2 as an example.  You want to use that new fangled controller instead of the TV?  Go for it.  You want to play split screen with both players having their own screen?  Done.  You want to use old fashioned Xbox controls?  It supports that.  You want to use gimmicky Wii Remote pointer controls?  It does that, too!  You want to touch me in my secret area?  Send me a PM.  You want to quickly customize your weapons layout?  Nothing is faster than the touch screen.  What I'm saying is that the Wii U lets you customize your experience more than ever before!


Awesome thread d21lewis. Entertaining, funny and educative. I could say thank you but knowning you, I think you'll prefer this token of my appreciation:

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sundin13 said:
no porn, no buy...I am disappoint Nintendo. I thought you were going for a more hardcore look this gen

I've watched plenty of porn on my WiiU. You're doing it wrong.

I wish I had more hands, so I could give this thread FOUR THUMBS UP!!!!!!

allenmaher said:
The problem is that far too many porn sites are flash as opposed to HTML5... I personally look forward to the death of flash.

I agree, this is an awesome console, my only bitch thus far is that I can't get a download version of BLOPS2... I have decided to buy as little optical media as possible this gen. Why bother when adding a 1.5 TB drive is about $100 bucks.

Screw looking for games in stores... it is cold outside (-30 with windchill)

Almost every one has a "m." mobile site. Just add that to the url and you'll be fine as it will swtich to a nonflash version.