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Final Smash: Should somone one do this at the start of every gen?

yes 65 75.58%
no 3 3.49%
show me the money! 7 8.14%

The Dreamcast even succeeded quite well in differentiating itself from the N64/PSOne, Soul Calibur and NFL2K absolutely blew anything anyway on the console scene at that time.

They just couldn't get out from under the bad reputation they earned with the 32X/Saturn misfires and not having EA hurt them badly too.

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mrstickball said:
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Yeah, Nintendo is really fucking up the Wii U. They might have launched it too early... Except for NSMBU they don't have any system seller, and they really need to show what the system is capable of; right now it's only as good as PS360...

Personally, I feel it launched two years too late.  If it'd launched alongside Kinect/Move it would have distracted from those and been much more novel than a touch screen is now (when people often own multiple touch screen devices already).

I kind of agree with you. The touch screen would have been great back a while back and would have sold the system, but that would have cut in on the Wii sales and launching in the middle of a gen is never good; just look at SEga. They tried to get the jump on the competition with the DC...

Nonsense, 360 launched only four years after the Xbox.  And considering how 'under-powered' the Wii was, gamers would have accepted it (and Pachter could have claimed to be right for once).  It would have maintain the Wii brand momentum and Wii could continue to sell to the more casual price conscious consumer.

The problem is that the WiiU in and of itself is like the Dreamcast: Woefully under-powered, and is likely to bear little resembalance to the other consoles. Nintendo could have kept up the Wii's momentum, but they've shot themselves in the foot by trying to coat-tail on the Wii's success.

They've still shot themselves in the foot by trying to coattail on Wii's success without making a true successor to Wii (that is a system that took motion/immersion gaming further).   At least two years ago, they would have been more successful at it.


wow... so much doom and gloom. :/ People really need to relax.

Yes, its likely WiiU won't meet Nintendo's goals and when they have their investors meeting they'll have to reduce that goal. However, they will still have sold more in the Nov to Mar time frame than MS or Sony did for their respective consoles.

On top of that.. the rest of next-gen hasn't been announced yet. You have no clue what it will have in final hardware or the price to get to that hardware.

I think we really need to wait through March (and possibly E3) to really have the full view of all of this.

Otakumegane said:
Oh man this week's numbers are terrible. Looks like Nintendo's actions at trying to save the 3DS went bad and ended up hurting the WiiU. (I mean seriously who needs 2 NSMB in the same year.)

At this rate I think people are just expecting a price cut like the 3DS had Nintendo really needs to overthink it's strategies again.

This week's numbers are not up yet. There has to be a reason ioi and team have not released the info from the graphs to the rest of the system. (front page and normal weekly page)

Granted, its likely to remain the same lol, but in reality the drop off is expected and what happens to all consoles. Have to wait for rebounds and solid marketing.

Can't wait for upcoming updates on this thread and the meltdowns they will be causing. :D

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runqvist said:
Can't wait for upcoming updates on this thread and the meltdowns they will be causing. :D

I will feel bad for enjoying the meltdown (if there will be one), being a WiiU fan and owner myself. But I'll enjoy it nonetheless.^^

Amazing that 223 people voted that the WiiU would meet Nintendo's targets, literally impossible for that to happen now.

Even my own prediction of 3.5-4m seems unlikely now.

ok updated with jan12 numbers. It should be clear that WiiU is not going to meet Nintendo's forecasts now as the retailers won't allow them to put that much into the channel.

In fact, I'm thinking it will be at least down to 4m shipped by end of March at best vs the 5.5m Nintendo planned.

New Poll to reflect on next 8 weeks.

That chart is going to get sweeter and sweeter every week. You should not have removed the poll, it was always amusing to see.