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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 3DS XL worth buying?

First off, Hi! I haven't been on in a while so most of you probably won't remember me and the new members won't know who I am, anyway this is me saying "Hello" before asking my question.


I already have a regular 3DS and like it. However, more & more games are being released that I want to play. My question is:


Does the 3DS XL make a big difference? It is worth the $200 to buy essentially the same system again?


I heard a lot of good reviews about it with people saying it is a great system that realizes the 3DS's full or real potential. For those who have it, is that true?


Basically, is the 3DS XL worth buying if you already have the regular 3DS?


Thanks in advance everyone!

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It's more comfortable to hold, the circle pad is smoother and has a more rounded edge, and the screen is huge. If you like those things, then it's worth it.

The resolution is the same as the original model, so the new screen is pixelated and very noticeable. Once you get over that fact, it's no big deal. I hated the first model because it was too small and cramped my hands.

The one con I know will definitely come as a disappointment is the audio quality of the speakers. They made the molding of the top half thinner, so they had to use smaller speakers... and they lowered the overall volume to try and mask the loss in quality, but if you try to play a game on full blast, you will want to plug in headphones.

Bottom line: Worth it


yes, it is! but dont touch nsmb2, its the worst mario game ever -.-

I traded my 3DS with a few games for the XL when it came out and only ended up spending 30 dollars on it and am happy with my choice but if ur going to keep ur origonal 3DS and pay full price for the XL than im not sure of its worth it.

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definitely worth it! Im buying mine with the mario kart bundle soon! IMO its more comfortable and you cant go wrong with the bigger screens!

Also dont quote me but i saw a deal i believe best buy, but selling the xl for 159.99 and you get a $25 gift card!!! If they are running that i might as well jump on it because its amazing deal

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Patiently waiting for Target to have it on sale.

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I have never regretted owning mine.  Games like New Super Mario Bros. 2 (brilliant game) look even better on it.  

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The only reason I keep a 3DS is because I feel like it's more "portable", and I also prefer the colors available on 3DS over the 3DSXL.
Otherwise, I would go for the XL. Nothing to lose and added comfort.

osed125 said:

Posting since 1969...seems legit.

Don't know why it says that LOL