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eShop heavy update today!

  • Shantae & the Pirate's Curse (eShop Action-Adventure) added!
  • Chariot (eShop Platform) added!
  • Spy Chameleon (eShop Puzzle) added!
  • Underground (eShop Puzzle) added!
  • SportsBall (eShop Sports) added!

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With this update, it's time to clay! (sorry)

  • Kirby & the Rainbow Curse (Platform) added!
  • Blek (eShop Puzzle) added!
  • Citizens of Earth (eShop RPG/Action-RPG) added!

Mbolibombo said: said:

Lego The Hobbit. $21 on the shop. It's probably my favorite game in the last while. So much fun if you enjoy middle earth And it has dual screen local multiplayer meaning one person plays on the TV the other on the gamepad rather than split screen. One glitch in early game means it got terrible reviews. The glitch doesn't prevent progression as reviewers stated. It's only in one small part.

Brilliant game! Very nice recreation of the Shire.

Just started playing it today with the wife. We have probably put in 45-50 hours in to Lego City Undercover so we were looking forward to play co op on this one. A bit dissapointed but we havnt played that many hours yet, hopefully it will improve. 

Do you enjoy the lord of the rings movies? Not sure how one could be disappointed with the hobbit game. A fellow vgchartz user suggested it to me and myself and my wife lived it. How is lego city undercover in comparison? The hobbit has a lot of longetivity. 

Great thread!

Somehow I missed it...

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Platina said:
Great thread!

Somehow I missed it...

Well for a long time it was stickied, but with the new Official Thread it's been indexed in there. ^_^

And thanks! It's always a work in progress. But it shows that the system has a plethora of great games to play. :D

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March Update!

  • Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (Puzzle) added!
  • Trine: Enchanted Edition (eShop Action/Adventure) added!
  • OlliOlli (eShop Sports) added!

Another month, another udpate!

  • Affordable Space Adventures (eShop Action/Adventure) added!
  • Elliot Quest (eShop Action/Adventure) added!
  • Dot Arcade (eShop Miscellaneous) added!
  • Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (eShop Platform) added!

You're a squid now. You're a kid now.

  • Splatoon (Shooter/Flight) added!
  • Ultratron (eShop Action) added!
  • Nihilumbra (eShop Platform) added!
  • Don't Starve: Giant Edition (eShop Simulation) added!
  • Swords & Soldiers II (eShop Strategy/Strategy-RPG) added!

Summer has been very much a drought for the Wii U. Still, there's been a few gems to come out, and some awesome games are on the way.

  • Badland: Game of the Year Edition (eShop Action) added!
  • Adventures of Pip (eShop Action-Adventure) added!
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (eShop Action-Adventure) added!
  • XeoDrifter (eShop Action-Adventure) added!
  • Art Academy: Home Studio (Miscellaneous) added!
  • Runbow (eShop Platform) added!

September and October begin the gaming holiday season, and we're already off to a great start. ^_^

  • Disney Infinity 3.0 (Action) added!
  • Lego Dimensions (Action) added!
  • Skylanders: SuperChargers (Action) added!
  • Super Mario Maker (Platform) added!
  • Yoshi's Woolly World (Platform) added!
  • Gunman Clive HD Collection (eShop Action) added!
  • StarWhal (eShop Action) added!
  • Year Walk (eShop Adventure) added!
  • Extreme Exorcism (eShop Platform) added!
  • Nova-111 (eShop Puzzle) added!