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Seen some footage of this game on youtube and it looks quite decent, very old school. Is there anybody that has played this game and is it recommended?? The reviews ive seen are a bit mixed and i would like to have an opinion from someone who has spent a bit of time with this game.



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It's very old school, including the difficulty.
Unless you're into the 8/16 bit platforming kind of difficulty, don't bother.
Otherwise, it's a great buy since it should be quite cheap now.

Thanks Galaki, i will take a punt on it. I love the retro look of the game, and i dont mind a challenge.

It's not a challenge...
It's above and beyond a challenge...
It's incredibly unforgiving...
Not bad at all...

Have a nice day...

I just don't think I have those old school gaming skills anymore. I can fool myself into thinking that "I still got it" as long as I avoid games like this. I'd rather fool myself and never know than give a game like this a try and totally fail.

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d21 - i'm sure youve still got it (retro gaming skills that is).

Nothing can compare to level 6-2 Ninja Gaiden NES.... (and yes one of the top comments is how to properly pronounce the game).  Just check out the footage at about 2:17.

That game looks rock solid and the guy playing it deffo has tourretes. :D

zippy said:
That game looks rock solid and the guy playing it deffo has tourretes. :D

It will make anyone that plays the game have tourettes...  I never was able to beat it on the Wii VC.  I got stuck at the same area...  I need to take his advice and just run my fucking ass off.

There is a scene in which you must dodge a helicoptor gun, whilst dodging missile from a submarine, whilst navigating collapsing cliffs whilst fighting ninjas
if that sounds awesome Shinobi is go
if not, pfffffffft
plus it has a robo-shark


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!